2008 (QH) Bay Gelding
Consigned by: Erin Mullane



Kit is the everything you could ask for in a ranch horse!
There isn't anything this horse hasn't seen. He has been used in every aspect of the ranching way of life and is happy to do any job. He's drug calves to the fire, doctored in the pasture, sorted
in the alley and drug bulls into the trailer. He is dependable in any weather or situation even with time off.

Kit has the size and stride to cover a lot of ground on a long day but is also content to take a quiet trail ride around the yard. He doesn't ever get in a hurry or get anxious, he would be wonderful for a beginner or timid rider. He's been used in the lesson program for beginners both English and western. Kit could work for the whole family with a different job everyday. We can't say enough nice things about this sweet gelding! 

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